Mobile Application for PTSD support

  • Flashback Grounding Tools: Mira offers exercises that alleviate flashbacks, dissociation, and anxiety, using clinically established grounding techniques

  • Guided Journal Prompts: Mira combines automatic symptom tracking with daily journal prompts to help identify triggers and monitor progress

  • Education and Resources: Mira includes modules for learning about PTSD, finding treatment options, and contacting emergency hotlines

Digital treatment tools for therapists

Symptom Trends and Crisis Alerts: Use actionable insights to track a client's progress and create treatment plans

Teletherapy and Messaging: Contact your clients and deliver care, even outside of the office

EMDR Therapy: Use Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to empower trauma recovery

Personalized Exposure Therapy: Help clients overcome their personal triggers in a controlled virtual environment

Our technology reimagines recovery both during sessions and in everyday life